Affiliate marketing strategies to beat the recession

Recession hitting affiliate marketers

Are you using the same surefire affiliate tactics, but the sales just aren’t what they used to be? Web owners across all types of business models have noticed a decrease in advertising revenue, a large slump in consumer spending, and a massive change in consumer confidence that’s threatening the online landscape as we know it. People are more hesitant to buy online, not knowing what changes may be around the corner for them financially. Irrespective of their interests, credit levels or monthly income, people are buying less, marketers are giving up, and service providers are looking elsewhere for a lucrative future.

Recession busting strategies

You may be thinking that this isn’t the best time to be getting into internet marketing. In many ways it’s not. If you prefer to follow conventional lines of thought and models you’ll have trouble maximising your potential in this climate. If you’re someone that thinks that throwing money at problems will help fix them, you’re in for a difficult and disappointing time. But if you’re an innovator and thrive on creativity and change, you’ll find this to be a time of great opportunity for growing your affiliate marketing income.

Can your market trust you?

The truth is that people aren’t afraid to spend per se. They want to invest their money in value, not squander their money on something that turns out to have little significant value to them once the sales pitch is over. This economic crisis has been important in teaching marketers this:  the playing field has totally changed and winners will need to change along with it. People don’t trust big companies and the traditional indicators of success and prestige anymore and they are wary of the empty hype these companies have used relentlessly.  People do trust people like themselves though. This is one of the main reasons that review websites have become such an important and lucrative market — people need to know that other people just like them can share their experience and their opinion, and understand exactly why and how they’re spending.

If you want to optimize your online business and capitalize on this fear of big, just do one simple thing: be small. Small is truly the new big (thanks Seth Godin). Be small, be a micro-communities, be someone that people can trust, something more than a corporate entity or soulless company.

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The funny thing is, those marketers who are the forefront of this innovative strategy are excelling and doing more business than ever, irrespective of the recession. By applying these progressive techniques, creative marketers are maximizing sales and setting new records while others are being having to pack up shop. If you want to do the same, and aren’t afraid of trying new things, this report is a must-read. It’s packed with useable information for getting the full potential of your sales realized.  That’s a surefire way to create new business in tough times.

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So don’t despair whether you’re new to internet marketing or an old hand who’s looking for a way to make a profit or grow your business online: fortune is out there for those who innovate. By applying the strategies in this free report, you can be an innovator rather than a follower and create the online sales success that you need.

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Article Writing: The difference between traffic and TARGETED traffic

Whether you love it or hate it, article writing is a key element to the success or failure of your online business. Depending on your marketing strategy and traffic generating plan of action, a well crafted article can deliver anywhere from none to hundreds of thousands of targeted visitors, and with a few quick marketing tips you can transform your articles into massive traffic generators. In general, many people feel uncomfortable writing and even though it has so much riding on it in their business, many marketers have difficulty overcoming their resistance to it. This needn’t be the case and it doesn’t need to be something that you resort to outsourcing and freelancers to fulfil. By applying a few uncomplicated strategies, you can create articles that inspire readers to buy from you, create incentives to encourage customers to return, and increase external traffic and links to your website.

The main approach of a successful online marketer is to provide value to their market and an article should first and foremost inform or educate your reader. While traffic is the most important goal for many marketers, the quality of that traffic is paramount. Traffic is just about meaningless if it hasn’t been driven by some form of market-relevant information used to invite the traffic to your site. Of course, you might tempt visitors to your website with any old article, but they might not turn up with appropriate expectations and they’ll most likely leave without taking away anything of significance. If you are in search of traffic that converts, you need to invest in quality writing to draw the right kind of traffic. You may fear that this will mean stretching your budget to contract a super-expensive, professional content writer or hours spent hiring freelancers, but this need not be the case. You can easily develop the skills that allow you to create quality content that attracts high converting traffic without being concerned whether you are advertising too blatantly.

The optimal way to achieve this is to choose a subject matter which you already know reasonably well. You certainly don’t need to be an authority, and you don’t need to have any particular training or knowledge. Simply by having some familiarity and understanding of the area of interest, you’ll be able to craft an article which cuts to the crux of the issue and provides much more meaning for the reader than an article created by someone who only skimmed the subject matter beforehand. Invest in knowledge and you’ll attract traffic that converts. Invest in bargain basement writing and quick production and you’ll finish up with ‘empty’ traffic that leads nowhere.

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Blending sales copy and marketing messages into an article can be tricky and attempting to balance informative content and marketing is often often a challenge for even the most skilled writer. It’s a good aim to keep the balance weighted towards information, because articles that feel too marketing heavy will readily be brushed aside as spam and your efforts will have been wasted. Nonetheless, don’t forget to include your website, product or service but in a uncomplicated and natural context. Remember that your aim is to provide useful information and value to your reader while leading them gently to your marketing message, so you want to steer clear of the reader being left with the sense that your article is just ’spam’ or a blatant sales pitch.

Lastly, writing articles so as to contain both timeless and timely content is a skillful way to create ongoing earnings. While other article publishers battle over the theme of the day, you can dominate both the current issues and a large percentage of historical content. A well written article will continue to generate traffic and profits for you one year, two years, even five years down the line. When you commit to high quality up front, you welcome a stream of constant passive income into your business.

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Need to expose your product to thousands of potential customers?

Your Great Product Sitting on Your Virtual Shelf?

Do you have an innovative and exciting online product? If you’re sitting on something that you think could become an online cash cow, but are unsure of how to market it, you’re in a situation that every entrepreneur has seen before. Whether you’re unsure of how to approach the market, worried about a suitable price, or just curious about whether anyone will actually buy your product, picking a marketing strategy and running advertising can be a stressful and difficult experience. However, by using some simple tools and strategies for online advertising, you can expose your product to thousands of potential customers, and only ever pay for those that are interested.

Google Adwords – dated but not forgotten

How can you do this? Through Google AdWords. Although internet advertising is no longer the cutting edge advertising form that it once was, the Google advertising network is still one of the most powerful and important advertising platforms out there. Whether you’re a casual entrepreneur and marketer, or someone that wants to put their great new invention out to the world, making the most of Google AdWords can either make or break your product’s online sales success.

How can you make the most of Google AdSense? It’s not something that you can just dive into, with many different keywords, advertising variables, and different costs coming into play whenever you choose a new strategy. Don’t settle for uncertainty; when you’re picking your AdWords campaign, remember that you’re paying good money for your ads, and make sure you’re getting what it’s worth.

Get your FREE report

Unsure of where to start? This free guide is written with the AdWords novice in mind, and is designed to help you make the most of your Google AdWords advertising without throwing in any unimportant details. When you’re in need of only the most important and valuable Google AdWords advice, make sure to look no further than this free report.

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Whether you’re in need of instant exposure, or a slow and steady build of online buzz, Google AdWords is one of the best online marketing services for the internet entrepreneur. If you need the most valuable and important advice, and don’t have time to wade through the unimportant trash and bogus advice that’s out there, then this report is the best place to start. 100% free, and full of authentic advice, you’d be doing your business a favour by applying the information inside.

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Article Writing Taking Up All Your Precious Time?

Pretty much all the information you hear online is regarding how few hours most internet marketers do per day and how they spend the balance of their time on the beach. So once you get started and you can’t seem to leave your desk let alone take off to the beach, you may well be left wondering how they achieve it? Creating content for your websites and affiliate pages can remain one of the biggest time consumers. Whether you’re trying to create the ultimate article marketing resource or simply building necessary content to add to your PPC websites, research time and writing time add up and it can seem to take most of your day. But don’t despair, there are several fantastic ways to optimise your writing to keep both time and effort down. Don’t expend your precious time writing 24/7 — instead, apply the key principles and tactics that can cut back your writing down to a small, easily manageable block of time on your schedule.

How Do The ‘Star Writers’ Operate?

First of all, they limit themselves to topics that they actually understand. This doesn’t mean that they only ever write on one particular area of interest, merely that they filter the information through their own experience to make sure that their content is built with a feel of expertise behind it. As soon as you really understand an area, the writing flows more simply, more fluently and most importantly, more quickly. By doing even a tiny preliminary round of research and investigation, you can cut back your writing time down to a tiny proportion of what it would otherwise be.

Batching For Efficiency

One more notable tactic is to batch similarly themed articles together for one work session. Instead of going through your articles in an unorganised list, you can arrange articles by area of interest, theme and writing style to make sure that you stay at 100% creativity and productivity all the way through your writing session. Don’t fall short of your targets by performing distracting activities; invest a little time into arranging your articles and eliminate those time-wasting activities.

Get your FREE article writing report

While these tips will help you get on the path towards faster, higher quality writing, they’re really just the start. In order to greatly optimise your writing, you need to spend a tiny amount of time auditing and understanding how fantastic and efficient writing comes into being. This free report is packed with information and strategies meant for any article writer, and is the perfect resource for you to take advantage of to optimise your writing pace and strategy.

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Don’t throw away hour after hour creating boring and bland articles. By investing a tiny amount of time in reading this free report, you’ll save hundreds of hours from your article writing time. Optimise, maximise and liberate yourself from article writing that keeps you from enjoying time away from your desk, just like the guys you’ve read about, with this free report.

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Welcome To Clickbank Pirate: making money 101

Welcome to this new plug and play blog from Clickbank Pirate.  All the joy of making money online without any of the frustrations!

It’s the easiest blog I’ve ever set up, pretty much two clicks and I was done.  Posting’s as easy as it gets … really! and there are a enough themes to choose from to suit your style.

Everything in the sidebar’s preloaded.  Go ahead and click on some of the banners, there are some really useful free reports on the other side that are good value too.

If you’d like to get your own plug and play blog like this, just click here:  it comes as a free bonus with your Clickbank Pirate membership, amongst a lot of other really cool features.

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